Horseshoe Tavern


For all bookings please email:

Craig Laskey at

Things to include in your email

  • A link to some music (DO NOT attach any mp3’s or other files to the email)
  • Information about your band (genre, audience etc) and what your previous Toronto gig experience is.
  • Let us know if you have any other confirmed shows in Toronto
  • Any sponsors you wish to have involved in the gig.
  • Everyone in the band must be 19+

Once You’re Booked

  • Any outside techs you’re planning on bringing in.
  • Any recording, filming or multimedia needs to be approved a minimum of 10 days in advance.
  • Download Horseshoe Tech Specs (PDF)

Day of Show

  • Please show up on time as per your advance or inform us if you’re going to be late.
  • Never EVER bring alcohol & beer into the venue, and or keep alcohol/beer in your car.
  • Follow the instructions of venue staff-we are easy going but the few rules we have are there to protect our license and we expect them to be respected

14-21 days before your show feel free to advance the date. We’ll go over set times, soundcheck times, parking, beer tickets, water/pop, etc

Promote your show using facebook, multimedia, word of mouth.

It is illegal to poster in the city of Toronto without authorization or on private property so please refrain from doing so. You’re more than welcome to put up posters in our venue.

We have a full page in Now Magazine to help promoter your show
We send our listings out to every blog, publication, media type in the region.