Horseshoe Tavern



All the staff of the Horseshoe Tavern, Lee’s Palace, and Collective Concerts, are devastated by the passing of Gord Downie.

Gord not only graced all of our stages too many times to count, be it with The Hip, by himself, or joining other friends like Joel Plaskett, the Skydiggers, and the Sadies, he had been a long time supporter of our shows, often buying multiple tickets for his family and friends.

We will miss the days of Gord with ‘suds’ in hand, hanging in our offices, talking about the great new indie acts we were excited by.

Gord is so special to us all, not only because of his musical accomplishments, and his spirited endeavour to make us all aware of social and historical events in our country, and pushing us to fight for change, he is special to us because to spite all of his awards, his accolades and his celebrity status, we knew Gord simply as one of us, a passionate, engaged, local, nerdy, music fan.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to all his friends, band-mates, music industry associates and especially his family, we will really miss hanging with you at the corner of Queen & Spadina