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CMW: The Beaches – Tickets – -The Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto, ON – April 21st, 2017

CMW: The Beaches

CMW Presents

CMW: The Beaches

Dead Love, SC Mira, Shy Kids, Common Deer, The Brains, The Do Good Badlies, Ten Minute Detour

Fri, April 21, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm

-The Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto, ON


This event is 19 and over

CMW: The Beaches - (Set time: 12:00 AM)
CMW: The Beaches
Hailing from the East side of Toronto, The Beaches are an all female indie rock band whose members are still in high school. Taking their cues from such artists as Patti Smith, Elastica and The White Stripes, The Beaches write and perform with an authentic, biting and hooky sound. Their debut single and Maxxis directed video for "Loner" was recently added into the heaviest rotation on MuchMusic in Canada. Their forthcoming EP will be released this spring.
Dead Love - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
SC Mira - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Sc Mira is the musical embodiment of “boundary pushing”. Still working on their first full-length, the band continues to extend their presence outwards. From Montreal and Toronto to Vancouver; Chicago and New York to Tokyo; they’ve stunned fans in the biggest markets in the world. Dark, dazzling, eerie, elegant – Sc Mira is a shot of adrenaline, straight to the heart.
Shy Kids - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Common Deer - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
The Brains - (Set time: 1:00 AM)
The Brains
More Brrraaaaaiiinnnsss!!!
Canada’s most insanest, undeadest and bestest psychobilly horror-punks are back with with their latest, greatest album to date.

The Brains has never been a band to follow the rules…in fact they’ve made it a point to utterly and completely destroy every single one of them with each album they release and every show they play. These hardworking road-warriors have brought their eye-popping live show to the four corners of the world; playing packed houses throughout Europe, Canada and the US alongside acts like Mad Sin, The Offspring, The Reverend Horton Heat, The Real McKenzies, The Creepshow and many more. A relentless tour schedule is in the works for 2013 that includes stops at CMW, PouzzaFest and The Pineda Psychobilly Meeting in Spain.

The Monster Within is an unholy collection of 14 mind-bendingly brain-melting tracks that will explode in your earholes like a hell-born volcano. The impossibly fast and unbelievably tight rhythm section of Pat Kadaver (skins) and Colin The Dead (stand up bass) threaten to push the limits of sanity and safety to the very edge… Rene D La Muerte’s (vox/gretsch) haunting croon sends shivers up the spines of even the most jaded listener while his signature guitar stylings fuse the rockabilly sounds of the 50’s with the intensity of an industrial chainsaw. The Brains continue to blur the lines between rockabilly, psycho, surf, punk and rock n’ roll; kicking down genre barriers and demanding undying loyalty at every show they play. Incorporating elements from whatever the hell they feel like, The Brains concoct an irresistable brew of Motorhead-esque ferocity and sexed up latin swagger while adding a pinch of rockabilly revival and a whole lot of booze-fueled punk rock mayhem.
The Do Good Badlies - (Set time: 2:00 AM)
The Do Good Badlies perform a melodic blend of High-Energy Rock. They combine the power and energy of early garage like the Stooges and MC5 with the melodies and folksiness of the Joel Plaskett Emergency and Crosby, Stills & Nash. The band is based on the outskirts of Toronto and has performed all over Canada.

"We've yet to tour in a vehicle made in this millennium," says the band, an impressive statement, with the group nearing its 2000th live performance. They may have a vast history of vehicle problems, but, with do-it-yourself repairs, they always make the gig.

The DGB have traveled coast-to-coast in Canada, and they have the stories to go with it. They talk about driving 36 hours in one night, cooking hamburger helper in a moving van, and a crazy door to nowhere. This is a group that loves to have a good time. If there's a party to be found, the DGB will find it, no matter how small the town. The band prides itself in not only hitting the biggest cities, but also heading off the main highway to play the towns most bands miss. "Norman's Cove, NL", "Manitouwadge, ON", and "Pincher Creek, AB" are just a few notable mentions!

The band formed in the small town of Lindsay, Ontario and was founded by the Greer brothers. They got their start performing local shows as part of "the Dogbus Music Scene", a diverse community that spawned notable acts the Strumbellas, Vilipend, and Sweet Thing. After 12 years of insisting that "The DGB Don't Stand For Nothin'," a national search and Internet contest has found the group a new name to correspond with the new sound and direction.

Cassie Noble became the third vocalist, acoustic guitarist, and occasional glockenspielist, in a band that is working to bring back the fun of The Beatles with multiple personalities, singers and songwriters. Two official drummers also contribute to the songwriting and it is always a surprise which one plays the gig. Currently, the band is in the studio, recording their first album under the new name, "The Do Good Badlies".
Ten Minute Detour - (Set time: 3:00 AM)
Venue Information:
-The Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON, M5V 2A2