The Trews Livestream Rebroadcast

The Trews Livestream Rebroadcast

Tuesday, July 13, 2021
8:30 pm
8:30 pm
All Ages
Horseshoe Tavern
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The Trews play their first album, House of Ill Fame, in it’s entirety plus new material and other hits at the Horseshoe Hootenanny

Dave Hodge welcomes John Angus and Colin to his 'chatroom' for a Q&A during the stream intermission/stage changeover

The Horseshoe Hootenanny stream concert series features live to air band performances (not pre-recorded) from the stages of the Horseshoe Tavern & Lee’s Palace in Toronto. The series financially supports the bands, their crews, local technicians and videographers, and the venues, while the stage is dark and in lockdown, during now a full year plus in COVID-19.

The series is professionally filmed, with 3-5 pro cameras, and streamed through VIMEO, using all the venues sound and lighting production to produce a higher level video/audio/stage look as if you were in the venue itself

Streams will include an artist Q&A during the stage changeover/intermission, or a creative pre produced artist feature, including interactive social chat, in an attempt to simulate your 2-3 hour experience physically going out to a live music venue  

All shows are also available for replay after the original airing for 10 days

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario.


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